Engine Carbon Cleaning

Carbon engine cleaning

Engine carbon clean benefits


Having your diesel car engine carbon cleaned is now our most popular service. Cars older than 10 years or that have built up more than 60,000 miles would benefit hugely from a complete clean-up of carbon or soot in the engine. Not to mention the new Bristol toll for diesel cars entering the city of Bristol. Making sure you do not have black smoke and the cleanest emission possible would be most beneficial to the climate. Check out our engine carbon cleaning FAQS.


Carbon cleaning diesel engine

An engine carbon clean can remove a carbon build up from the engine which in turn will allow for restored power and a smoother performance, as well as a quieter engine.


Reduce harmful emissions MOT

Our carbon engine cleaning service will significantly reduce harmful emissions and can also help to achieve emission test levels for your MOT failures .


Cheaper Fuel Efficiency

Often when the engine carbon cleaning service is finished we see a dramatic revitalised fuel efficiency. Most customers experience an improvement in MPG or L/KM and lower fuel bills.


Prevent Carbon build-ups

Carbon build-up leads to potentially expensive issues with engine parts such as EGR valves, DPFs, turbos, inlet manifold and injectors. These may all be helped by the service if due to carbonisation, and then prevented from recurring through regular cleaning.

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