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7 Most asked questions about getting your diesel car engine carbon cleaned?

What does carbon engine cleaning work?
Carbon cleaning is a process of removing carbon from your engine. These deposits of carbon or soot often clog up your engine and get into many parts of the engine including the EGR valve, Filters or turbocharger. Getting your engine carbon cleaned helps with all parts.

How is carbon cleaning done?
The Engine Carbon Clean system works by using our specialised hydrogen machine passing chemicals through the air intake of your engine and out through the exhaust system. This process breaks down and dissolves the carbon. This cleaning process is ideal for all diesel engines.

How often should you Carbon Clean your engine?
An older diesel car is often around 60,000 before any problems start to show, so an immediate carbon clean is necessary. Once this is done the average time to do your next carbon clean is either once a year or 18,000 miles whichever comes first.

How do you know if your car needs an engine carbon clean?
Symptoms of Carbon Buildup in an Engine Include one or all of the following:
Black Smoke from Exhaust System while driving along or stationary.
Failing Sensors or Dashboard alerts.
A Decreased in acceleration on your car's own accord.

Does carbon cleaning improve performance and MPG?
In a word YES engine carbon cleaning for your diesel will improve both your performance and your MPG. Eliminating engine carbon or soot restores lost horsepower in your diesel car. This in give a better responsive in higher gears restoring the performance plus make your car run smoother and more efficiently thus helping you reduce your fuel costs and increase your MPG.

What are the benefits of a carbon clean?

  • Restores engine performance
  • Helps fuel consumption for better MPG
  • Prevents the wear and tear of engine parts
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and fumes
  • Reduces noise and vibrations in your engine

Is engine carbon cleaning worth it?
Here at DB Autocare we believe that older diesel cars that have lost their performance and have a decreased fuel efficiency, would most definitely benefit with an engine carbon clean and worth every penny.

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